Mobile IT Networks - Spindlewood

Temporary Mobile IT Networks

Spindlewood plan, install and manage Mobile Networks & Point to Point Data links.

All clients and sites demand Mobile IT Network solutions with 100% reliability. A greater demand on flexible working and the requirement for internet anywhere, Spindlewood is uniquely positioned to set up temporary and permanent links. Our data links provide long & short term options.

  • Short & long range data links
  • Point to Point, Point to Multi-point
  • Up to 1Gb bandwidth
  • Up to 10Km in distance
  • Low latency


Our solutions are bespoke to your requirements - so please give us a call on 0121 793 7000 or email on to discuss your Mobile IT Network requirements and how we can make a difference.


Key Features:

Permanent and Temporary Point-to-Point Data Links:

Delivery and installation of low latency data links which can handle up 1GB in bandwidth and up to 10Km in distance, anywhere!

 Air Fibre Link

Mast Hire:

Spindlewood can provide a range of temporary masts to suit your application. Ranging from 5m up to 30m our masts can be deployed within hours quickly meaning your network or internet provision is working quickly and efficiently.