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October 2021

Amplifon Nationwide Wifi Upgrade

National Network Upgrade for Amplifon 

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve begun the process of upgrading the data networks within all the Amplifon stores nationwide. Never heard of them? Apologies for the terrible pun! Amplifon are a global hearing specialist and market leader, operating in 29 countries and with over 10 million customers. 

We had been discussing their connectivity needs within the UK for all their outlets. But sadly the plans were put on a backburner when the pandemic hit. But over the coming weeks and months we’ll be visiting all 105 of their stores to upgrade their infrastructure. Amplifon provide services that are vital to their clients and having a robust and seamless network for appointments and comms is of paramount importance in achieving an efficient workplace.   

Spindlewood’s Operations Director Pete Carver added: “We’re super delighted to finally be rolling out the installation part of this project. It feels like we’ve been on a stop start cycle what with one thing and another. Having had the green light, it’s all systems go. And looking at this with a glass half full, we’ve only recently completed the end of our events season so the timing couldn’t have been better.”



April 2021

Spindlewood to receive grant award from second round of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

Spindlewood were among more than 2,700 recipients to benefit from the latest round of awards from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund 

More than £300 million has been awarded to thousands of cultural organisations across the country including Spindlewood in the latest round of support from the Culture Recovery Fund, the Culture Secretary announced today.

Over £800 million in grants and loans has already been awarded to support almost 3,800 cinemas, performance venues, museums, heritage sites and other cultural organisations dealing with the immediate challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

The second round of awards made today will help organisations to look ahead to the spring and summer and plan for reopening and recovery. After months of closures and cancellations to contain the virus and save lives, this funding will be a much needed helping hand for organisations transitioning back to normal in the months ahead. 

Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, said:

“Our record-breaking Culture Recovery Fund has already helped thousands of culture and heritage organisations across the country survive the biggest crisis they've ever faced.

 Now we’re staying by their side as they prepare to welcome the public back through their doors - helping our cultural gems plan for reopening and thrive in the better times ahead."


Account Manager - Spindlewood, Mike Kirwin, said:

“We were initially quite sceptical about making an application to the scheme as it wasn’t clear that the fund was targeted towards the likes of those supplying services to the events industry. And from past experience, we knew it’d take a considerable concerted effort to stand any chance of success. And that there weren’t any guarantees that this volume of work would actually amount to anything.

It was only after we sat through an Arts Council Zoom meeting that our doubts were set aside and we decided to give it our best shot”.


Finance Co-Ordinator - Spindlewood, Vicky Lee, said:

“We were more or less up to date with our accounts and forecasts, so it wasn’t too onerous a task to pull together all the financials that were required for our application. And now that we’ve had confirmation of our success, we’re even more confident that we’ll be able to grow back with our sector as it inevitably begins to reopen. With such a great deal of uncertainty that still remains, we feel incredibly lucky a full year into this pandemic we’re in a strong position to face whatever lies ahead”.


Managing Director - Spindlewood, Charlie Brownridge, said:

“We are delighted to have received this grant from Arts Council England and it vindicates the effort & time we put into our application.

I would like to thank the Arts Council for their recognition of Spindlewood’s market leading status & the importance of the critical services we supply to the events industry.

As ‘key’ supplier we are looking forward to the industry recovering and we will be ready to support it when it does”.


Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair, Arts Council England, said:

“Investing in a thriving cultural sector at the heart of communities is a vital part of helping the whole country to recover from the pandemic. These grants will help to re-open theatres, concert halls, and museums and will give artists and companies the opportunity to begin making new work. 

We are grateful to the Government for this support and for recognising the paramount importance of culture to our sense of belonging and identity as individuals and as a society.”


The funding awarded today is from a £400 million pot which was held back last year to ensure the Culture Recovery Fund could continue to help organisations in need as the public health picture changed. The funding has been awarded by Arts Council England, as well as Historic England and National Lottery Heritage Fund and the British Film Institute.

March 2021

We've (Finally) Moved!

We’re pleased to have finally completed our move to a larger warehouse / office space and that the dust has settledOur new space is approx. 35% bigger, has the capacity for future growth and larger loading bays for the simultaneous receipt and dispatch of kit to the events we support.

It comes as a welcome relief for network manager Gary Iredale, who’s been looking forward to this day for some time. We were utilising every inch of our previous warehouse and had to hire a couple of nearby shipping containers for the overspill. So it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to bring everything back under one roof and still have room to swing a bunch of imaginary cats. 

Senior Project manager Dean Gottsch who’s been overseeing the move added The issue with the old unit was most apparent in late Winter, when our events season drew to a close and all our kit returned to base. But finding suitable new premises that met our growing needs took a little longer than expected. And when we did find the right space and started the movethe Covid pandemic kicked in and we had to down tools”.

Given the precarious position of the events sector, this probably looks like an unusual time to expand”, added Managing Director Charlie Brownridge. “Whereas this move had been planned and started some time ago. But when we switched to the lion’s share of our workforce working remotely the knock-on effect was that the skeletal warehouse team could only progress the move in dribs and drabs.” 

“Luckily, we’ve been fortunate on several fronts during the multiple lockdowns which has given us a tangible sense of optimism for the futureWe were successful in qualifying for several of the Governments Covid initiatives and were quick out of the blocks to react to the outbreak to limit how much we financially haemorrhaged early on. Having a large portion of our business outside the events sector has also helped enormously. 

Charlie went on to say: “Our core business for the last two decades has been in the cut and thrust of the events sector and we don’t see that changing. But we have worked hard these last few years to diversify our offering to have at least a few eggs in different baskets. We’ve also been able to fill some of the void created by the cancellation of all mass gatherings by helping others meet Covid compliances through a range of temperature monitoring solutions 

“One thing that inspires confidence in the return of mass gatherings is the knowledge that key clients suchas Glastonbury Festival will return next year better and stronger, in addition the likes of Boomtown Fair, Big Feastival and the Neighbourhood Weekender are beavering away behind the scenes to ensure the safe return of their events as soon as practically possible. If the vaccination programme continues with the success it’s enjoyed so far, we’re hoping to be back in parks, fields and stadiums in the near future”. 

Unit 14, Mercian Park, Felspar Road, AmingtonStaffs, B77 4DP 

February 2021

Wifi for New Theatre

Pudding Mill Lane Theatre  

After a long development and planning phase, the Pudding Lane Theatre construction of a new temporary venue within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is finally underway.  

Fresh back from his site install, Project Manager Pete Reveley said “We were asked by our client to provide connectivity for the construction phase of this site and have just finished hooking up what will be the production base for the next eight months. The site is for an incredibly stylish 3,000 capacity temporary venue which is scheduled to open in Oct ’21. The theatre is being constructed in a way that means the structure can be taken down at the end of the project in 2025 and moved to a new location”. 

This exciting project is truly one of a kind and is already creating a buzz, some eight months before the doors open. It’ll offer eight shows a week in an amazingly unique setting. The concept was developed by Aniara who have brought together an innovative team comprising of Stufish Entertainment Architects, the excellent Industrial Light and Magic and a bunch of industry leading creatives to create something totally unique.  

As a temporary venue, the theatre has been designed so that it is fully de-mountable, portable and reusable. At the end of the three-year tenure at Pudding Lane, it can be moved to its next destination. The structure is modular, lightweight, efficient and uses sustainable materials such as timber cladding and utilises recycled decorated shipping containers for the front of house areas. 

September 2020

Spindlewood Temperature Monitoring Installation

The Audley Group launched in 1991 to reinvent the retirement home property market. The first of its kind in the UK the luxury brand of retirement villages for the over 55’s now has over 19 locations.

The COVID19 pandemic has meant that all of us have had to take extraordinary measures to stay safe and help stop the spread of the virus. None more so than at retirement and care homes.

Shortly after the virus had peaked the Audley Group were seeking assistance to introduce measures to continue keeping their residents safe.

Spindlewood were contracted to install temperature measuring CCTV cameras which could be used to detect raised body temperatures of everyone visiting the village. The cameras can visually and audible raise an alarm when someone with a temperature attempts to enter the property.

The installations took place across all of Audley Groups retirement villages and as all of them were different, they each required a slightly different system.

“At some locations there were multiple entrances and they were all different layouts,” explains Spindlewood’s Operations Director, Peter Carver, “all of the locations required the systems installing simultaneously and in a very short space of time. As there wasn’t time to carry out surveys beforehand, it required us to mobilise multiple installation teams across the UK each carrying enough cameras to suit every application.”

Since the start of the pandemic Spindlewood has gone to secure more installations at Gymnasiums, Pubs and Professional Sports Clubs.

For more information visit our Temperature Monitoring Section click here

April 2020

Temperature Screening Solutions

Temperature Scanning – Return to work Safer & Faster

As the government slowly starts to prepare the UK to return to work after lockdown, appropriate measures will need to be taken across business and leisure to ensure the COVID-19 virus does not spread & cause a 2nd peak.

Physical measures in the workplace will need to be implemented to ensure social distancing is maintained. Other measures could be to deal with a potential sufferer before they even enter the work environment.

One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a high temperature or fever. Your normal body temperature is approximately 37C. A fever is usually when your body temperature is 37.8C or higher.


Accurate temperature scanning of employees at entrances will detect anyone who is feeling unwell.


Often when we have a fever, we can feel warm, cold or shivery and without accurate temperature testing you will never know. Temperature taking alone, is not an effective way to stop the spread but it is an early indication that a person is unwell and appropriate action can be taken.

Temperature screening cameras from Spindlewood can take the temperature of someone quickly, accurately and without making contact to the skin.

The safe and effective solution will provide an early indication that someone is unwell (& perhaps not even realised it) and enable them to deal with the person before they potentially infect others and lead to a 2nd peak.

Spindlewood Temperature Screening Cameras

  • Contact free
  • Accurate
  • Quick
  • Safe

 Visit our CCTV section for mor einformation or contact us






November 2019

Spindlewood Reduces Carbon Footprint

We’re working with Energy Revolution to tackle the environmental impacts from our travel to events. Travel is typically the largest contributor of carbon emissions at UK festivals so it’s a key place to start making the live events industry more sustainable. Energy Revolution is a charity that helps festivals, audiences, suppliers and artists to act on climate change by measuring and reducing fossil fuel travel and balancing unavoidable emissions with direct investment in projects that create clean renewable energy.

As an Energy Revolution member we log our travel to events and donate to balance the CO2 emissions from our fossil fuel miles. 100% of all donations go to generating renewable energy; previous projects have included wind turbine and reforestation in India, community owned solar and wind across the UK as well as helping schools install solar panels on their roofs and educate children about the importance of clean energy.

Energy Revolution works with 50 of the UK’s favourite festivals, as well as artists and event suppliers. Since 2015 they have balanced over 8.4 million travel miles with investment in renewable energy.

Earlier in the year Spindlewood also introduced their new range of low power consumption HD CCTV Cameras from Avigilon and has provided solar powered temporary networks.

October 2019

Boomtown Presents Area 404

After 4 years in the planning Boomtown Fair organisers launched their new creative events venue in Bristol.

AREA 404 is a huge Halloween multi-room night festival in true Boomtown style with creative scene settings, immersive theatre, intimate venues and all the music styles of the fair!!

Following on from the deployment at the festival in the summer, Spindlewood were asked to provide the network for the event in order to support the bar payment systems.

The Wifi network installation required a different approach to the normal delivery as the venue was a warehouse located close to Bristol centre.

The sellout event attracted thousands of people all of which used RFID and contactless payment. The temporary network installed throughout the venue supported hundreds of scanners and payment terminals.


September 2019

Spindlewood Deliver 'Tricky' Temporary Wifi Network

Forbidden Forest was born as a passionate response to the stagnation of the dance music and clubbing circuit in the UK.

Created by a group of music enthusiasts they felt frustrated by the restrictions that the classic warehouse or tent spaces often encumbered on a large-scale event.

The new music festival chose the venue Oaks Wood in Grimsthorpe, Bourne and despite being situated near to high speed internet the ‘tricky’ part was delivering that to the festival site.

Spindlewood delivered wired and wifi connections for ticketing, payment systems, production staff and VIP areas for the event.

“Whenever a client selects a new venue there is always the question of how to get a good internet connection to the location.” Spindlewood Project Manager, Simon Davies commented, “however our unrivalled stock of point-to-point and point-to-multi-point links meant that bringing a connection just over 2 miles is fairly straight forward.”

Nearly 100mbps of internet bandwidth was delivered to the site via a total of 3x point-to-point links from the internet source. Over the weekend on-line device numbers nearly double compared to what was anticipated but were all easily catered for because of the reliable internet connection.

August 2019

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

This highly anticipated multi-room experience offers fans of all ages the opportunity to delve into the super-workings and back-story of each of The Avengers as they train to become an agent of the S.T.A.T.I.O.N.  As part of their training, fans will get the opportunity to interact with props and characters straight from the big screen.

To make the exhibition in London & Cardiff come alive required an extensive, high-speed Wifi network throughout each venue. The wifi network was not only there to support the exhibits but also, all the production staff, retail shop and ticketing requirements.

Despite having a relatively small footprint each venue required complete wifi coverage and have the capability of handling literally thousands of devices.

Spindlewood were commissioned to install and support the wifi network at each venue. Although the build time was longer than what Spindlewood are use to, the amount of network infrastructure required a fairly large undertaking.


August 2019

Spindlewood Growth Continues

Spindlewood are pleased to annouce the recruitment of 3 people to the management team.

Vicky Lee joins the team as Financial Controller, Jordan Davis joins as Warehouse & Support Manager and James Dobbs joins as a Project Manager.

All have a wealth of experience within their areas of expertise and will contribute to Spindlewood's continued growth and year on year successes.

We wish all three well in their career with the company.

Find out more by clicking the link below;


To check out our other vacancies, please visit our careers page.


July 2019

Silverstone Woodlands Camping

Silverstone Circuit is a motor racing circuit in England located next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury. Silverstone is the current home of the British Grand Prix, which it first hosted in 1948.

The Silverstone race is one of the most popular on the F1 circuit attracting 150,000 people over the racing weekend.

Woodlands Camping situated adjacent to the Silverstone Circuit provides camping to the people attending and required surveillance across the site, in addition to providing a number of sponsor branded temporary wifi.

As with any major event like this the technical infrastructure required is significant. Apart from the usual production, ticketing and payment network demands, the global brands associated with the sport are significant.

Spindlewood were chosen to supply a temporary wifi network and CCTV surveillance system for the weekend which provided surveillance across the site, in addition to providing a number of sponsor branded temporary wifi.

The other challenging factor was an unprecedented amount of other wireless devices at the location, other contractors and members of the public meant the RF interference was significant. Spindlewood’s approach to frequency planning and the overall network design meant that all network users were isolated from any form of interference and saw 100% uptime across the weekend.

 Spindlewood delivered;


June 2019

Greenwich Peninsula Public Wifi

The Greenwich Peninsula, London is a modern development which includes The O2 dome, the Emirates Air Line cable car, art galleries and exclusive living & business accommodation.

The latest attraction developed by Knight Dragon is the P5K/The Tide. P5K is London’s first-ever elevated riverside linear park.

Initially 1km in length, running from Peninsula Square to the river and along the riverside, The Tide will eventually stretch 5km in length around the whole Peninsula.

The route takes in public art installations by global and emerging artists, including Damien Hirst, Allen Jones and Morag Myerscough.

Throughout the entire area is high speed public wifi. Spindlewood were commissioned to design & install the network, calling on their years of experience of wifi deployment.

As with any large area wifi deployment meticulous planning and design took place in order to ensure ‘blanket wifi coverage’ was achieved.

Spindlewood’s Solutions Architect and Project lead, Tony Green explains, “the elevated walkway, high rise buildings and the undergrounds ventilation shafts provided challenges during the network design. We conducted comprehensive heat mapping and RF planning to ensure the public wifi covered all public areas.”

Spindlewood worked with the client to ensure many of the wifi access points were hidden from view at the same time high density coverage.

During the installation of the permanent wifi network, the client also asked Spindlewood to provide a temporary network for the Urban Fete festival. The Urban Village Fete is a free one-day music and arts festival that features a range of unique pop-ups, walkabout entertainment and curated marketplaces.

February 2019

Spice Girls Tour

The Spice Girls have announced their first tour for a decade, with six UK stadium dates in June. Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Geri Horner and Melanie Chisholm revealed details of the reunion tour in a video on social media on Monday.

The girl group will kick off the tour at Manchester's Etihad Stadium on 1 June 2019, with tickets for all dates going on sale on Saturday at 10.30 GMT.

The foursome will also perform in Coventry, Sunderland, Edinburgh and Bristol, finishing at London's Wembley Stadium. They will be supported by Jess Glynne.

Spindlewood have been appointted to provide the technical, telecoms & inernet requirements for the UK tour.

Spindlewood's involvement will provide;

  • Internet delivery
  • Event Wifi
  • Telecoms


November 2018

Insta-Fi from Spindlewood

Spindlewood launch rapid deployment, out of the box solution due to growing temporary Wifi demand.

Insta-Fi is a business grade temporary or permanent Wifi solution which is plug and play. It provides super quick Wifi internet straight out of the box with minimal setup, anywhere!

Insta-Fi is ideal for;

  • Business or house moves, where the main internet connection isn’t ready
  • Pop-up retail stands
  • Failover or back up connection
  • Mobile internet
  • Internet for temporary locations, such as construction sites or temporary offices
  • Outdoor markets or trade stands
  • Exhibitions or product launches
  • Holiday homes or lodges

The Insta-Fi Wifi unit has been deployed hundreds of times to provide domestic and professional individuals & businesses instant Wifi. Insta-Fi can also be supplied with a fixed public IP making it totally business compatible.


No lengthy or fixed contract

The user decides how long they wish to use the Insta-Fi unit for, whether its for 1 day or 1 year.


Media Bolt-On

Insta-Fi can also be supplied with a Media Bolt-On so that on line films can be viewed in HD from Netflix, iPlayer or YouTube.


Simply Pricing

Our standard Insta-Fi unit starts at £4 per day with a professional business class model starting at £11 per day (exc VAT)




Visit for more information

September 2018

Spindlewood’s Network Cannot Be Stopped! (UK)

Boomtown Fair is a four-day annual music festival held in the United Kingdom over the second weekend of August. It started in 2009 and since 2011 has been held at the Matterley Estate in Hampshire, which is part of the South Downs National Park.

In 2018 the Fair took place over 9–12 August, with a limited opening on the 8th, and held a 60,000 capacity. The event sold out of standard tickets in February 2018.

Each yearly instalment of the festival is referred to as a "Chapter"; this reflects that each instalment continues the storyline from the previous year, with the series having begun in 2009. The festival site is split into several districts, and the storyline narrative is reflected in the design of the districts, streets and venues, which are populated by hundreds of actors to play the role of inhabitants.

The 2018 festival was entitled "Chapter 10: The Machine Cannot Be Stopped".

Spindlewood supplied the largest ever temporary IT network across the entire site which supported a number of technical services.

Payment Systems

The Spindlewood network supported the largest ever deployment of cashless payment systems. Market leading providers Freemans and Bleep provided EPOS & payment terminals across the site which was dependant on a secure & reliable network. Many hundreds of wired and Wifi network connections were deployed across the site in a matter of hours.

CCTV Surveillance & Drone

To enable the festival management and emergency services to manage the event Spindlewood deployed a site wide CCTV Surveillance System. The comprised of PTZ and fixed cameras and were all High Definition providing glorious picture quality at all hours of the day/night.

This year Spindlewood worked alongside drone surveillance company Super Fly Media who provided aerial surveillance of the site. All the drone footage was relayed across the Spindlewood network into the event control room to provide a live, birds eye view of the festival site.

Super Fly Media’s Managing Director, Chris Dines;
Just wanted to send you a quick email just to say that your guys where fabulous in assisting getting things running, I'm sure you were aware of the technical issues we had, until your guys came up with an alternative option.

Thanks again to you and your team 10 out of 10.

Services Provided


July 2018

Rolling Stones No Filter (Europe)

The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour was a European concert tour by the Rolling Stones which began on 9 September 2017 in Hamburg, Germany and was concluded on 8 July 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. It was announced on 9 May 2017, with fourteen shows in twelve different venues across Europe in September and October of the same year.

On 26 February 2018, fourteen new dates were added throughout Europe and the UK. With an overall attendance of 1,506,259 fans grossing $237.8 million, the tour was one of the most commercially successful concert tours of 2017 and 2018.

Spindlewood were contracted to provide the tour IT requirements and other technical services across all the venues.

A modern tour for one of the biggest bands in world demanded some major IT requirements, for the site production, media transmission, audio and the artists.

Coordinating directly with each venue Spindlewood ensured that a uniform network was delivered at each location ensuring that the bands management & crew had the same experience, with no technical glitches.

Despite some the venues already benefitting from high speed internet connectivity many didn’t and Spindlewood had to ensure that additional connections were installed.

In addition to this a phone system comprising of same set of numbers for each tour/band manager was deployed, which was carefully routed depending on which venue they were currently at.

Services Provided 

May 2018

BBC Biggest Weekend (UK)

At the end of 2017 the BBC announced that the annual ‘Big Weekend’ would grow in size and would see music come together on the BBC like never before across TV, radio and online!

With over 175,000 tickets sold to the public, the one-off music festival brought the nation together for a massive celebration of live music.

BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend took place on four sites, in four nations, across four days. Belfast, Coventry, Perth and Swansea were the four UK cities that hosted the event on May bank holiday weekend.

Spindlewood were asked to provide the broadcast internet, event wifi, temporary IT and CCTV surveillance for all four venues, which required a huge deployment.

Spindlewood’s Managing Director, Charlie Brownridge commented “We are used to having one or two live broadcast events running simultaneously, but to have four was a huge undertaking for us, particularly when we have all the other temporary IT projects going on at the same time! We were also contracted to provide temporary IT services to the Rolling Stones, Beyoncé & Jay-z and Ed Sheeran. On that weekend we had 15 large events running simultaneously which shows our strength in equipment deployment and experience in our technical teams.”

All four sites broadcast live to BBC TV and Radio in addition to uploading content to iplayer and on-line. Spindlewood provided gigabit networks at all four venues and provided synchronous 500mbps dedicated internet connections.

Services Provided


April 2018

GDPR Compliance & Spindlewood WiFi (UK)

GDPR comes into effect on 25thMay 2018 and the way companies offer Wifi to customers is set to change, as the collection of data to log into Wifi hotspots is subject to the regulation.

Spindlewood Wifi offers complete transparency to the end user of data collected from them.

Our Wifi service & processes ensure that the end users are aware that their consent to provide personal data was explicit, freely given, specific, and informed.

The processes and security encryption techniques employed by Spindlewood are aligned with all aspects of GDPR, ensuring that you stay compliant.


New! Spindlewood WiFi Service

To coincide with GDPR compliance laws Spindlewood have launched a new Wifi service.

The unique design of Spindlewood Wifi’s portal ensures that valuable marketing data can be obtained from users,

  • Instantly
  • Legally
  • Easily
  • Cost Effectively


For more information and details on Spindlewood Wifi and how it can ensure you achieve GDPR compliance view our new brochure. Please click the link below. 

Spindlewood WiFi Brochure

Spindlewood can provide permanent and temporary Wifi deployments to virtually anywhere!

  • Pop Stands
  • Sporting Stadia
  • Music Festivals & Events
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Bars, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Leisure Center’s
  • Hotels, B&B and Holiday Lets
  • Conference Centers and Museums
  • Retail Outlets, Shops and Shopping Center’s
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities

January 2018

Spindlewood Provides EE's Public Wifi at Wembley (UK)

Wembley, the UK’s National Stadium is the best-connected sporting venue in the world. Telecommunications giant and primary sponsor EE are responsible for keeping all 90,000 fans connected.

The mobile experience inside Wembley for visitors is unrivalled. EE doubled the 3G and 4G capacity so whether fans are watching goal replays, making calls or uploading selfies, they can do it faster with even less buffering!

The connected experience is not just limited to EE customers, mobile users from other networks can also stay connected at Wembley, for free. EE have introduced free to use Public Wifi zones in the concourse area.

With help from Spindlewood a number of free Public Wifi zones around the venue have been created. Following a simple log in process everyone can enjoy high speed internet for free. Spindlewood installed a network of high-density, how powered Wifi Access Points.

It was essential that the Wifi provided blanket coverage in the locations with no dead patches or interruptions. In addition to this all infrastructure had to be hidden from site and the sign-up process be as simple as possible.

Spindlewood designed & installed the Wifi network and the EE branded user landing page. Wifi analytics and other statistics are also captured.

Services Provided;



December 2017

Public Wifi for Bavarian Village, Winter Wonderland (UK)

For 10 years, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has been spreading the Christmas spirit throughout London. It started as an open-air Christmas market and has since gone on to incorporate roller coaster rides, ice skating, street food stalls, festive bars and live music.

Part of Winter Wonderland is the authentic Bavarian Village which provides the perfect place to unwind with rustic wooden chalets, outdoor seating, bars, cafes and restaurants. The central part to the Bavarian Village area is the grand hall. The Bavarian Hall provides live music daily throughout Winter Wonderland and invites everyone to dance and sing the night away, as well as offering traditional food.

Like all licensed venues a service which the organisers wished to supply was large scale, free public Wifi. The venue attracts literally thousands of people every evening and they wanted all visitors to benefit from being able to stay connected.

Spindlewood were contracted to provide the free public wifi service, which required the design of a branded landing page and a quick access for the end user. Spindlewood created a simple to use, ‘2-click’ social media log in wifi page which then provided access to super-fast dedicated internet.

To ensure the thousands of visitors had access to the free wifi, Spindlewood distributed 14 high density Xirrus Wifi access points across the site. Wifi analytical information is also provided weekly to the organisers.

The client has reported an increase in attendance (& sales) largely due to the social media interaction. Returning clients were made aware of offers via social media and the Bavarian Village Facebook page now boasts in excess of 47,000 followers.

Services Provided 


November 2017

Leeds City Bonfire Night (UK)

Leeds City Council once again hosted one of the largest public bonfires and fireworks display in the UK in November, with an estimated crowd of 70,000 attending. 

The festival sized event took place in Roundhay Park on the outskirts of the city, which has seen many instantly recognizable artists perform over the years. Robbie Williams , Michael Jackson , U2 and Madonna to name but a few.

However a large fire, pyrotechnics and a 70,000 strong crowd is a combination of things which requires some very careful managing, particularly when the event only lasts a matter of hours. Add to that a heightened state of alert by the Police following a number of recent terrorist attacks around the world.

Spindlewood were contracted to provide Temporary Surveillance to help Leeds City Council and the emergency services manage the event. Unlike many other large scale events, at Bonfire Night everyone attending turned up within a very short amount of time and this required some maticulous planning to ensure everyone was safe.

Spindlewood deployed a number of their new High Definition IP CCTV Cameras in the park and the surrounding roads to provide critical surveillance of key locations. The event organisers monitored the CCTV images from a central control room located within Roundhay Park.

Spindlewood Managing Director, Charlie Brownridge commented, "At the beggining of the year we invested nearly £135,000 in upgrading all of our CCTV Equipment to full HD quality and have since deployed them extensively throughout the year. We now have unrivilled Temporary CCTV deployment capability, boasting over 140x PTZ Dome Cameras and 250x Fixed Cameras."

Leeds City Council Bonfire Night

 Services Provided



October 2017

Event Tech Live 2017 (UK)

Spindlewood are to attend Event Tech Live, London a exhibition dedicated to event technology suppliers. 

We will demonstrating why we are the UK Market Leader in Temporary Tech to the events industry.

Services Provided

The multi-strand conference and exhibition is Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology. Event professionals have access to over 50 educational sessions, 100 exhibitors and 1499 industry peers.

Event Tech Live 2017 is free to attend
9th November 2017 at The Old Truman Brewery, London.
Doors open at 9.30am

Come and see us on STAND 908


To register click the link below,

CLICK HERE to register as a visitor


NOEA Conference & Awards

Later in the month Spindlewood will also be attending the NOEA Conference. Spindlewood have been a loyal member of the National Outdoor Events Association and will be exhibiting during the conference also. This years conference is on the 22nd November in Bath.


September 2017

Red Bull Foxhunt (UK)

Spindlewood provide blanket coverage Wifi for Red Bulls Foxhunt in Wales.

The sun made a welcome appearance on the final morning of the women's Red Bull Foxhunt in Machynlleth, Wales and the riders were pumped to head to the top of the track and get racing.

Rachel Atherton was also at the start line to kick off the race and support the ladies as the 'fox' Katy Winton chased them down the hill towards the finish line.

Working alongside communications partner EE, Spindlewood provided a Temporary Public Wifi network for the event. Normally the area suffers from very poor mobile signal strength, but a temporary pico-cell and EE blimp combined with Spindlewood’s wifi infrastructure ensured the event benefitted from excellent coverage.

EE’s UK Network Delivery Manager commented, “Just wanted to catch up and say Thank you to you and your team for the Wifi service you provided at the Red Bull event in Wales.  The professionalism shown of your 2 engineers on site in Wales, Simon and Mike, was great to see, both are a credit to your organisation. We look forward to working with you in the future on further Special Events for EE.”

Service Provided;


August 2017

Jurassic Kingdom Comes Alive (UK & Europe)

Jurassic Kingdom, is a spectacular outdoor dinosaur experience aimed at family audiences with over 30 impressive installations of animated dinosaurs with electronic moving parts. Animatronics include arms moving up and down, tails swaying side-to-side, heads moving up and down, eyes blinking and jaws opening wide with roaring sound effects. Making for a truly awesome educational and entertaining Jurassic experience!

This is the first outdoor dinosaur experience of its kind in the UK and a truly entertaining and educational experience for children of all ages. Visitors will explore the gardens and parklands and uncover epic life-sized replica dinosaurs from everybody’s favourite, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops to flying reptiles like pterosaurs.

Spindlewood ensured the whole event came alive by supplying Temporary Internet to the whole of the UK Tour. Temporary Wifi was required to power the ticketing and on-line systems, as well as providing the organiser high speed internet to enable them to manage the event.

All of the locations were in council operated parks which were obviously very rural making hard to get temporary IT services installed.

Service Provided;


June 2017

Camp Kerala Guest Wifi (UK)

Camp Kerala is regarded as the most luxurious type of festival accommodation and provides a unique experience to the highest profile events. Camp Kerala began life in 2005 overlooking the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival. It soon flourished into a market leader in experiential luxury.

Described by Vogue as "unquestionably one of the most glamorous places to be in the UK", it has led the way and set the bar.

Famous for its chilled-out atmosphere, Camp Kerala has expanded to operate at leading events around the world… from Europe to the USA and beyond. Creating a five-star boutique hotel experience at Glastonbury was just the beginning. Bringing its blend of Shikar tents, renowned parties, 24-hour concierge, chauffeuring, gourmet food, exquisite cocktails and much more, Camp Kerala elevates any event, big or small, to the next level.

Like any 5-star establishment the requirement for good quality, high speed wifi for use by the Camp Kerala guests and staff was of course at the top of the list.

Spindlewood were asked to provide such a wifi experience. The wifi network had to provide complete blanket coverage of the site, work seamlessly on any device and of course be high speed. An easy task for any 5-star hotel located in the city, but this was Glastonbury!

Spindlewood provided 20x High Density Xirrus Wifi AP’s across site with over 50x wired connections to specific locations. In addition to this they provided network connections to enable bar EPOS and guest reception PC’s to operate.

A Camp Kerala themed Wifi Landing Page greeted all Wifi users and a full user report was provided to the client at the end of the event.

Service Provided;


April 2017

Spindlewood Anniversary (UK)

April 2002 saw the formation of Spindlewood Ltd in Weston Super Mare and this year sees the business celebrate 15 years as a limited company. Starting as a CCTV Surveillance business from humble beginnings, it quickly grew to incorporate Telecoms, Internet Connectivity and Public Wifi.

Spindlewood continues to be a market leader in the supply of temporary wifi , telecommunications and CCTV to outdoor events, festivals, conferences and product launches. In addition to this Spindlewood has provided permanent, small & large scale public wifi and CCTV installations throughout the UK.

More recently the business has been responsible for the deployment of bespoke wifi networks across Europe and in the USA.

The strength of the business is due to the team of highly skilled technical employees who strive to provide the best possible solution for our clients in a very demanding delivery focused industry.

The adjacent picture (top) shows the birthplace of Spindlewood Limited. The company takes its name from a former residence of founding Director, Peter Carver. Spindlewood is located in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.


January 2017

Spindlewood Become Friendly WiFi Approved Suppliers (UK)

Public & Temporary WiFi suppliers Spindlewood have become ‘Friendly WiFi Approved Suppliers’.

Friendly WiFi was developed in collaboration with some of the world’s largest WiFi providers, who not only support this initiative, but work closely on communicating the scheme to their Customers and provide Friendly WiFi with ongoing technical support and policy guidance.

As a result of the successful launch, the team introduced the Friendly WiFi 'Approved Provider' symbol. The symbol is available to suppliers of internet products and services who can evidence as part of their offering they are able to provide internet products or services to their Customers which meet the Friendly WiFi content filtering specification.

​Friendly WiFi is working with a growing list of Approved Providers worldwide to introduce the seal of approval across their Customer base and to support providers by adding further value to their products, including giving them the ability to become a reseller of the Friendly WiFi license.

Spindlewood’s Managing Director, Charlie Brownridge commented “ensuring internet safety in our industry of large scale Public WiFi deployment is paramount and our approval by Friendly WiFi demonstrates the level of protection our WiFi networks provide to our clients and of course members of the public. This approval means all our clients & users can access the internet on our Wifi networks, safely!”

Spindlewood Public Wifi Click Here

December 2016

Magical Lantern Festival Requires Robust Temporary Wifi Network (UK)

The Magical Lantern Festival made its debut in Yorkshire at Roundhay Park in Leeds this December, following the hugely successful UK launch in London last year.

The Magical Lantern Festival is a spectacular fusion of art, heritage and culture. A stunning outdoor Xmas themed event, a festival of light and illumination. Over 80.000 visitors followed a trail around Roundhay Park and explored the amazing giant lanterns, which represent Xmas, traditional Chinese culture and the amazing 2000-year heritage of Lantern Festivals.

In order to deal with the number of visitors, Spindlewood were asked to provide a Temporary Wifi network which was capable of providing connectivity for ticketing and handling payment transactions across site.

At the entrance, pre-purchased (print at home tickets) needed to be scanned which relied upon a secure Wifi network. In addition to this iZettle payment systems were deployed around site which also relied upon the network as well as good internet connection. Back office internet connections were also deployed for production staff who managed the event over the two-month period.

Spindlewood’s secure payment, Wifi network and internet anywhere service provided a faultless service throughout the event.

Services Provided:

November 2016

Spindlewood Provides Delegate Wifi for RATP Conference (FRANCE)

The RATP Group is the world's fifth largest public transport company operating all modes of collective mobility – bus, metro, trains and trams. In Île-de-France it runs, maintains, modernises and develops one of the world’s densest multimodal networks. Every day it transports over 14 million people.

The conference for the M2E (Electronic Equipment Maintenance) department was to discuss at where the group currently are and where they aim to be in the future and to discuss new emerging technologies that may be of interest to them. Attended by over 150 delegates the requirement was to provide a stable high speed Wifi network. A voting and user interaction app was used by the delegates to lodge opinions, raise questions and to vote on questions & opinions that arose.

Using hired in iPad’s preloaded with the app and a dedicated Wifi network the audience were able to ask questions and participate better in real time.

The venue for the conference, ‘Espace Du Centenaire’ in central Paris, already had a wifi network, but required additional connectivity and better coverage for the system to work.

Spindlewood were contracted to provide the temporary wifi network for the system and it ensured every delegate could interact with the conference.

Spindlewood Services Provided

October 2016

Facebook Live Stream for Guide Dogs Associations Fundraising Week (UK)

The Guide Dogs Association fundraising week in October aimed to raise awareness for the charity, by asking famous faces from daytime TV to be blindfolded and then led around London by a guide dog. ITV's This Morning presenter, Fearne McCann was the first to try the experience and was so impressed with the work the guide dogs do.

Later The Tower of London and Tower Bridge provided a stunning back drop for a short production of an autobiographical story on life without sight, by Chris Campion a visually impaired actor and production company Extant.

The whole event was streamed live to Facebook Live by Spindlewood who were asked to provide the temporary wifi for the event. The short set up time provided some challenges and despite being in central London providing a good dependable internet connection was going to be tricky.

Spindlewood were able to provide a reliable, dedicated 30mbps/20mbps internet link from their Central London High Speed Internet connection, which is capable of providing internet across the capital within minutes of setup. The Facebook Live streaming was monitored throughout and the Spindlewood connection provided a flawless connection throughout the event.

Spindlewood Project Manager, Dean Gottsch commented, "Spindlewood can provide reliable internet connectivity to 'pop up' events like this virtually anywhere. Our experience in providing this type of Temporary Wifi is huge and is ideal for any form of product launch, exhibition, conference or any other type of temporary event demanding good internet."

Spindlewood Services Provided;


September 2016

Spindlewood Deliver Broadcast Quality Network (UK)

BBC Radio 2 returned to Hyde Park in September to host the 'Proms in the Park' to celebrate the end of the proms season. Once again stars from the music industry took to the stage for the festival in a day finale. Uncharastically Status Quo performed an accoustic set, along with Travis, Madness & Franki Valli each performing in front of a capacity crowd. The evening was rounded off with a performance from Sir Elton John.

The concert was broadcast live on Radio 2 with the performances also available on BBC iPlayer. Further on line and red button content was also available across all BBC platforms.

Spindlewood were asked to provide the network which was capable of delivering the BBC content during the event, which required a high speed, dedicated internet connection, event wifi, temporary CCTV and a secure payment network for the bars and merchandis outlets.

In addition to this, Spindlewood also deployed a comprehensive hearing loop network to aid the hard of hearing who attended the event. The box offices, several other public facing offices and the disabled viewing platform benefitted from the hearing loop service and over 500 people used the service.

Spindlewood's deployment included;

July 2016

Beyonce Formation World Tour (UK)

American singer, songwriter Beyonce recently visited the UK to perform 7 dates, as part of her ‘Formation World Tour’. Spindlewood were contracted to provide the production IT and event Wifi requirements for the shows which relied heavily on a high speed internet connection and guaranteed network delivery.

A total of 7 high speed connections were required across the UK each providing over 100mbps. Spindlewood provided the temporary internet connections in order to enable uploading of video, photos and live streaming. Business Class VoIP, Temporary Wifi and Public Wifi was also deployed across each of the venues for the tour management and general public.

Spindlewood's deployment included;

May 2016

World’s First Dedicated Virtual Reality Roller Coaster (UK & Europe)

Earlier this year Alton Towers announced that Air would be re-themed as Galactica for the 2016 season and would include on-ride virtual reality headsets simulating a ride through the cosmos.

Galactica is the world's first roller coaster to use dedicated virtual reality. Each seat is fitted with a Samsung Gear VR headset, and pouch. The virtual reality experience is optional, as guests can choose to ride without using the headsets.

Spindlewood were approached to provide the wifi network for the ride which was required to provide critical communication between the virtual reality servers in the station area and each of the 28 headsets on the three trains. Ride telemetry and user notifications are pushed to each train using the Wifi network.

“The complexity of the wifi requirement was immediately apparent and it demanded high speed connections with seamless roaming throughout the critical areas of the ride”, commented Spindlewood’s Senior Technologist, Dafydd Hirst

Spindlewood Director, Charlie Brownridge went on to say “Our approach is very different to any other Wifi provider and this project had the opposite demands to what we usually deal with. Normally our Public Wifi networks are designed to cater for large numbers of devices which stay connected for a reasonable length of time and are required to roam from AP to AP relatively slowly. This was the complete opposite! Small number of devices which are only connected momentarily to each Wifi AP”.

Spindlewood initially provided a temporary wifi network in order to allow full testing and adjustment, which was then followed up with the installation of a permanent wifi network.

Working alongside the Virtual Reality lead for the project (Figment Productions ), Spindlewood installed the wifi network within a very narrow time frame in order to ensure full testing of Galactica could take place and met the opening deadline for the new ride.

Spindlewood services provided;

April 2016

Spindlewood Provide Temporary Wifi Network (UK)

Grease "Wifi" Is The Word At Drive In Cinema

Spindlewood went to the movies this month as they were asked to provide the event wifi for an American style drive-in cinema hosted at Alexandra Palace, London.


Film lovers were able to eat fabulous food, enjoy cold drinks and watch their favourite movies on the giant screen as the stars begin to sparkle, all from the comfort of their own cars.

Spindlewood provided the temporary wifi to enable the organizes deploy a wireless payment system throughout the venue. This allowed the roller skating waitresses to offer each car credit card payments. In addition to this the movie goers all also able to utilize the public wifi provided by Spindlewood. The sponsor branded public wifi was used extensively each night, with people posting on social media their unique experience.

The temporary wifi network was deployed quickly throughout the site to provide blanket coverage, ready for the opening night film.. Grease!


Services Provided

March 2016

Spindlewood Learning Academy 2016 (10th Anniversary) (UK)

Following Spindlewood’s annual University lectures the latest crop of future IT Project Managers have been recruited. Since 2006 Spindlewood have conducted guest lectures to literally hundreds of Computer Science Degree students across the country with a view to joining the market leading temporary IT supplier.

Following the lectures, a shortlist of 15 students were asked to attend Spindlewood’s learning academy where theory was put in to action. Project Manager & Computer Networking Postgraduate Dean Gottsch and Network Manager Tony Green administered the training at Spindlewood's HQ located in Staffordshire.

In addition to general network fundamentals the students were also taught on specific IT hardware which is deployed by Spindlewood.

If you are interested in working for Spindlewood or keen to understand how you can take part in future Learning Academy training courses, please see our careers page. CLICK HERE to visit Spindlewood Careers

February 2016

Spindlewood Attend Prestigious NME Awards (UK)

The NME Awards has taken on different forms over the years, since being the 50’s and 60’s Pollwinners Concert and from 1971 to 1993 being a reader’s poll. Present day sees a live event with Spindlewood performing an integral part supplying event WiFi coverage for all areas from the red carpet right through to the artists dressing rooms back stage.

Spindlewood’s dedicated front of house internet feed enabled NME Twitter updates recognizing and rewarding the very best music.

Big winners on the night included, The Maccabees (Best Band), Foals - What Went Down (Best Album) and Spindlewood client Glastonbury for best festival.

Spindlewood's deployment included;

December 2015

Lincoln Christmas Market (UK)

Lincoln Christmas Market welcomes in excess of 100,000 people across four days each year. Visitors are treated to over 250 stalls and attractions set around Lincoln Castle and the breath-taking Cathedral. The Christmas market continues to be the number one festive market destination in the UK.

Although the surroundings and cobbled streets add to the experience, catering for such large numbers of visitors can be a logistical nightmare. The already narrow roads and castle entrances are empathised when the full coaches of visitors arrive.

Ensuring the market goes ahead smoothly Spindlewood were contracted to provide the technical systems for the event control room and around the site. Spindlewood deploy a high-resolution IP CCTV system around the market, castle and supporting roads which assists event organisers, event stewards and the emergency services to co-ordinate operations. The CCTV assists with the monitoring of the pedestrian ‘one-way’ system and to co-ordinate ingress & egress of visitors.

In addition to this Spindlewood provide the temporary telecommunications for the emergency services and event staff aswell as data connections and wifi. High speed internet lines were installed with failover satellite and 4G connections.

This year also saw the first public wifi hotspot deployment which was used by visitors frequently when they stopped for a glass of mulled wine at one of the many stalls.

All systems provided 100% uptime throughout the market which meant the Spindlewood on site support staff could enjoy the festive fun.

Services Provided