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About Spindlewood

Spindlewood was founded in 2002 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset to provide digital surveillance solutions for retail, industrial, corporate & event industries.

The Company was established by Peter Carver, an Operations Director from the CCTV industry and Richard Carver, a former ESSO Senior Executive and rapidly established itself as a market leader. Progressive with technology, innovative in the provision of quality solutions and with a clear focus on client management, the company became a pioneer in web-based & fibre-based surveillance solutions.

As the company evolved additional solutions were offered – business class, VoIP Telecommunications, Mobile Temporary Networks and Internet Connectivity. In more recent years Spindlewood has been one of the innovators of large scale Public Wifi. In addition to this Spindlewood are experts in the deployment of Temporary Wifi and providing Temporary Internet .... Anywhere!

Today, they are the ‘go to’ Company for event organisers who need a provider of IT & CCTV technical solutions.

Working with some of the world's best known brands, Spindlewood have provided solutions for Sea Ports, Large Retail Chains and for some of the best known companies and events/exhibitions in the leisure industry.

Operating from its headquarters, centrally located in the Midlands, England with offices in London & Yorkshire it provides solutions for companies, events & exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.  Meet the management team...



'We work with global companies ensuring their brands come alive and engage.'


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