PDQ And Payment Networks

Spindlewood design and deploy secure payment networks for the use of payment terminals (PDQ’s), cashless systems and RFID.

All clients and sites demand flexible IT solutions with 100% reliability. As more and more leisure, retail and event sites are utilising cashless systems there has also been a greater demand for high speed and security.

Spindlewood Credit Cards
PDQ Terminal Hire

The supply of payment terminals or PDQ machines:
The very latest range of machines provide chip/pin, contactless and Apple pay methods of payment.

Delivered direct to site pre-programmed:
Set up with the clients merchant account details and provide seamless operation.

Available within 24 hours anywhere in the UK:
Providing a true turnkey secure payment network service.

Easy to use:
Robust and accepting the very latest payment methods. Wired and wireless options available.

How To Order:
We’ve partnered with WTS for supply of PDQ Payment Terminals. To find out costs and availability click the link below;


The most secure payment system available:
At the heart of our network architecture is Möbius. Two factors are changing the way in which networks operate; a rapidly growing demand for bandwidth and the increasingly dense radio spectrum. With very high throughput and many points of delivery even a small amount of interference can disrupt functionality and traditional cabled solutions are limited by distance and prone to damage. Möbius is our answer to that challenge. A network that uses wireless and wired technologies in tandem to deliver unmatched uptime in the most demanding circumstances with a Gigabit network that self-heals in 20 milliseconds even when a link is broken. A network that has self-power for hours in case of mains failure.

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