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Spindlewood provide high speed, seamless internet sevices in any location for any time period.

With a sophisticated site network we can connect you via satelite, fibre, Ethernet from the cabinet or DSL as well as traditional connectivity solutions including the full suite of core BT services.

Satellite links deployed in a couple of hours can offer stunning broadcast quality connectivity for companies such as the BBC to screen live events. Providing cutting edge 4G & 5G techniques for product launches and conferences not only provides connectivity but can also allow for a focus on data acquisition. Connectivity can serve many purposes – we offer a consultancy led approach that means the expertise, the solution, and full management are correct for your requirements and for the timespan you need them. This avoids long-term contracts and avoids the hassle of dealing with larger telecom providers.



Continuously connecting cities, towns, businesses, rural communities & people Fibre Speed Internet with no hidden fees or fuss.

Mobius-Internet is owned and operated by Spindlewood. Visit Mobius-Internet to find out more.

Traditional Internet Connections

Satelite, Ethernet from the cabinet or DSL, 4G/5G, PSTN, ASDL, SDSL, ISDN.

FTTC Circuits

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) provides higher speed connectivity when demand is high for a temporary period. Local exchange connectivity and copper to location.

MIA Fibre Circuits

Managed internet access (MIA) can provide up to 1GB synchronous uncontended bandwidth (in partnership with Virgin and BT Openreach). 

Business Class Satelite Links

For any location that traditional services find hard to reach providing speeds up to 30mb download and 12mb upload.

Media Broadcast Quality Rapid Deployment Satellite Links

Dedicated internet providing dedicated 1:1 synchronous feeds in 10mb chunks. The service is often the preferred choice of media companies such as the BBC, for live broadcast or short term, high demand applications.

Business Class 4G/5G

Perfect for Failover or for smaller connectivity applications we offer business class (uncapped) 4G/5G connectivity. The advancement of the 4G/5G coverage and bandwidth speeds means it is often deployed as the primary internet feed. Uncapped and low contention 4G/5G packages ensure the internet demands are always matched at an affordable price and easy to deliver service.

Central London Internet

We can provide an on-demand wireless internet service to 90% of central London. Providing up to 50mbps download and 20mbps upload (with unlimited use) which can be set up and operational within 48 hours of order placement.

Insta-Fi from Spindlewood

Insta-Fi is a business grade temporary or permanent Wifi solution which is plug and play. It provides super quick Wifi internet straight out of the box with minimal setup, anywhere!

  • Business or house moves, where the main internet connection isn’t ready
  • Pop-up retail stands
  • Failover or back up connection
  • Mobile internet
  • Internet for temporary locations, such as construction sites or temporary offices
  • Outdoor markets or trade stands
  • Exhibitions or product launches
  • Holiday homes or lodges

The Insta-Fi Wifiunit has been deployed hundreds of times to provide domestic and professional individuals & businesses instant Wifi. Insta-Fi can also be supplied with a fixed public IP making it totally business compatible.

Internet Services 

  • Temporary Internet
  • Rural Internet
  • Internet Anywhere
  • Event Internet
  • Short Term Internet
  • Long Term Internet
  • Wireless Internet

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