Spindlewood provide a fully comprehensive voice communication service.

With business class VoIP telephony systems containing feature rich functionality our flexible and scalable telecom solutions are employed by many professional business and commercial users where functionality & reliability are key.

At the heart of our network is security. Every system we specify incorporates SIP encrypt to ensure potentially damaging information is not intercepted. Any organisation who deals with sensitive or confidential information over the telephone would be highly recommended to address security not only for cases of commercial data breach but also for privacy. Any business taking card payments over the phone where card data is handled must legally be secured. Most businesses understand the need to protect their digital data assets and in this context voice and conversation should also be considered.

All VoIP services as a standard:

Call diverts, hunt groups, answerphones, conference calling.

Local area and low cost phone numbers:

Provided and configured exactly to the requirements of the application.

Inclusive call packages:

With itemised billing.

On site and virtual PBX’s:

Provided depending on the client’s requirements and size of the system.

It starts with a chat

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